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Are you a Pharmacist?

If you’re a Pharmacist, then you know better than anyone how important it is to be sure your financial plan is working hard for you. At KRB Financial, we also know the uniqueness of your financial challenges and needs:

  • As a recent pharmacy graduate, your school debt may be a burden that you desire to eliminate as quickly as possible. However, is your strategy for eliminating that debt efficient? Does it minimize your interest payments? Does debt consolidation make sense for you? These are really important questions that you may need an experienced advisor to help you navigate.
  • As a Pharmacist a bit further down your career path, debt may not be as much of an issue. But what do you do with the money you free up from paying down your school debt over recent years? By identifying your priorities properly, you can hit your goals the way you envision them.
  • Perhaps you are an experienced Pharmacist at the peak of your career and financially considering “what’s next?”. Are you considering owning an independent pharmacy? Do you have a desire retire early? Have your goals shifted from previous years? Has it been a while since you reviewed your old financial plan?

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With all of these considerations, there may be great wisdom in sitting down with a financial advisor who understands this conversation and is able to help you answer them. After working with numerous pharmacists around the country, Todd Bailey, an Associate Member of NCAP (North Carolina Association of Pharmacists), is equipped and experienced to help you navigate the path to your financial goals.