There are many different kinds of investments available to consumers like you. With so many options, individuals often don’t even know where to begin. Between stocks, bonds, CDs, mutual funds, cash value life insurance, annuities, variable products, 401(k)s and so forth, you have a wide menu to choose from. How do you find the right investments that fit your unique situation?

Instead of focusing on solutions, you should focus on the end goals—what do you ultimately want to accomplish? This might seem like an easy enough task, but identifying your goals can actually be an involved process. Needs change over time and you should have strategies that can adapt with your life. Many people have yet to truly identify their goals and simply have the idea they need to accumulate money. Smart investing begins with a purpose. It’s true that you will need to accumulate a source of retirement income, but there are many factors that complicate this simple idea. Having a clear idea of your specific objectives can help direct your financial plan toward solutions that accomplish your goals in an efficient, advantaged manner.


This is why I focus more your goals rather than products or solutions. While I have experience in many areas of financial planning and can implement any number of solutions for you, I’ve found the key to successful financial planning is to first spend time on identifying your goals. The benefit of this approach is that you are aligned with a financial plan and investment strategy that truly matters to you, that truly provides you with the solutions you need.

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