About Us


Before establishing myself as a Financial Professional, I spent nearly twenty years in non-profit work related to church and youth programs. After working as a Marketing Consultant for small business owners for a few years, I transitioned to financial services, which I’ve been doing since 2012. I bring a variety of experiences and expertise to my clients, especially for fellow business owners and pharmacists.

I understand how important family is—with my wife I have five children, two cats, and three dogs. Financial planning is not just how you prepare for retirement, it is how you keep your household secure and provide for your family.


Independent Financial Professional

A financial professional can be captive or independent. A captive financial professional is tied to a specific company and is often limited to that company’s specific products. An independent financial professional works with many different companies and can present solutions that best match the client’s needs. This is why we operate independently—we want our focus to be on providing you with tailored strategies that align with your unique, specific situation.

Self Owned / Personalized

Working with KRB means that you will never work with anyone else other than KRB Financial owner Todd Bailey. The care you receive is professional, detailed, and custom-tailored to meet your specific needs and concerns.


KRB Financial provides comprehensive services to its clients. Comprehensive in the sense of a wide menu of financial services, strategies, and specialties. But also in the sense that we are here for you at every stage of your life, from developing a long-term financial plan to helping you maximize your income during retirement.

Do you need a high quality financial professional to discuss your retirement?