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Longevity, Life Expectancy, and Lifetime Income

How long can you reasonably expect to live? That’s a key retirement planning question. And it raises questions about how to add protected lifetime income to your portfolio so you don’t outlive your money. Do you need to plan for a 20-year retirement, a 30-year retirement, or longer? If you’re married, will you outlive your […]

What You Need To Know Before You Scratch That Itch

If you’re like the typical person, you get an itch – “my car is getting old now and look at all those new car features” or “my house feels small and my mortgage lender told me I could afford more.” That itch convinces you that it is time to upgrade to something bigger and better [...]

4 blindspots in your budget that are killing your savings

Let’s face it, no one really enjoys budgeting. Some of my clients have learned how to do it pretty efficiently with spreadsheets and app’s on their phones. But for most of my clients, working with a budget is often daunting, confusing and even painful. That is understandable when you consider most in our American culture [...]

Key Employee Life and Disability Insurance

When bad things happen to good people Your key employees are those special people with such unique skills and talents that they contribute greatly to the financial success of your business. If a key employee were disabled and out of work, or were to die, your business would suffer a financial loss. Here are some [...]

Six Keys To More Successful Investing As A Pharmacist

As a Pharmacist, of course you work hard for your money, but is your money working hard enough for you? Your answer to that question may result in tens’ of thousands of dollars being left on the table. If you’re like me, you want to be more successful with your money. Here’s a little help. [...]

Retirement Plans for Small Businesses

Types of plans There are several types of retirement plans to choose from, and each type of plan has advantages and disadvantages. This discussion covers the most popular plans. You should also know that the law may permit you to have more than one retirement plan, and with sophisticated planning, a combination of plans might [...]

How Student Loans Impact Your Credit

It's payback time When you left school, you enjoyed a grace period of six to nine months before you had to begin repaying your student loans. But they were there all along, sleeping like an 800-pound gorilla in the corner of the room. Once the grace period was over, the gorilla woke up. How is [...]